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Napopo makes it easy for you to find a place to stay which suits you best. Once you've picked up your travel destination on the map above, you'll be offered a wide range of holiday accommodations, vacation rentals by owner, bed and breakfast, cheap hotels, holiday cottages, vacation apartments, cabin rentals, hostels, huts, holiday chalets, guest houses and much more. Then, our 3 clicks booking system allows you to get in touch with the place you're interested in.

Wherever you go, we have from luxury vacation rentals to cheap hostels and family run bed and breakfast. They might be beach front, ocean view or downtown located with private swimming pool or spa. Whatever you're looking for, business travel accommodation or romantic getaways it's just 3 clicks away on Napopo. Napopo.com is the best Bed and Breakfast Directory and Vacation Rentals Directory used by the visitors around the world. It is truly consider to be the ideal hotels directory today.

Main vacation accommodation categories helping you to choose a stay which suits you best:


Vacation rentals
or holiday rentals are a popular way to spend your vacations in a furnished local vacation home rental being welcomed by owner. Rent a home for yourself, and get your own privacy.


Vacation Rentals

Hawaii Vacation rentals
Spain Vacation rentals
Florida Vacation rentals
Maui Vacation rentals
Virginia Vacation rentals
Provence Vacation rentals


Bed and Breakfast
are basically private homes where you can get an overnight accommodation and a breakfast for a low fee. A bed and breakfast is a great way to exchange with local inhabitants.

Bed and Breakfast France

Bed and Breakfast England
Romantic Bed and Breakfast
Paris Bed and Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast Madrid
Venice Bed and Breakfast


Bed and Breakfast


Hotels are mostly located in or near towns. All have ensuite bathrooms, some might have additional guest facilities like restaurants, meeting rooms... You can book from cheap hotels to luxury hotels.

Cheap hotels in New York
Cheap hotels in London
Paris cheap hotels
Los Angeles hotels
Honolulu hotels
Vancouver cheap hotels




Holiday cottages are small rural vacation homes. They're great for romantic getaways or for family holidays. They might be called cabins or chalet in some countries.

Holiday cottages Canada
Holiday cottages Wales
Ontario holiday cottages


Holiday cottages


Hostels are budget oriented accommodations. Cheap hostels might provide a dormitory, bunk bed or private bedroom. This is a unique opportunity to exchange with other friendly travellers.

California cheap hostels
Peru cheap hostels
Mexico cheap hostels



Vacation condo rentals or holiday apartment rentals are part of the vacation rental market. They're fully furnished and can be overlooking a town, a resort or even a beach.

Roma vacation condos
Barcelona vacation condos
Miami vacation condos


Vacation condo rentals & apartments

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