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Holiday Directory Guide: California the state worth visiting in the US
Are you planning to visit California then you should take assistance of a widely used Holiday Directory. California is a part of united state which is mostly famous for its movie stars and bright lights. There are many more aspects for which California is famous for like it has beautiful places which are worth to visit. I will take you to a small trip to California with my words. There are some places in California which are really worth to visit like.
1. Catalina Island It is a lovely natural place for small vacations where more than 200 buffalo are boasted and herded off. A tour bus is arranged for the tourist to watch out the wilderness of the island in the middle of the island. The buffaloes where imported in the island on the year 1920 when they were a part of a film name ’The Vanishing American’
2. There is another place named Jackson where there is a 5912 feet deep mine named Kennedy Mine which is one of the deepest gold mine in the world. It was there since 1860-1942 and it has produced more than 34 million dollars worth of gold. Visitors are allowed to have a 90 minutes surface tour of the Kennedy Mine.
3. There is a place in Carlsbad known as Logoland where there are 15000 thousand logo constructs, 50 wild rides and many more interesting things. Evert one have a small kid inside them and Logoland is the perfect place where you can bring out that kid out from you what would be more enjoying seeing your childhood toy in its full splendor.
4. In California Sequoia National park there is a tree named The General Sherman it is the largest tree in the world with a diameter of 36.5 m in Sequoia National park it is only one of several enormous sequoia tree. These huge trees are of 1000-2000 years old.
5. In San Francisco’s Cable Cars are one of the national monuments made by Andrew Smith Hallidie for the safe transportation of people and goods through the city watching a very bad horse and cart accident on San Francisco’s steep city street. In operation still there are three cable car routes. At Cable Car Barn and Powerhouse visitors are invited to learn more about it.
6. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a famous Hotel in California. It is said that this Hotel is haunted by several Hollywood most interesting Celebrities. There are many reports of trumpets playing in the room no. 928. Montgomery Clift, Marilyn Monroe who once lived at the hotel has been seen dancing in the hotel’s ballroom.
7. There is village named Simi Valley in California which is known as Bottle village. This village is build by Grandma Prisbrey. The bottles used in making the wall are collected by Grandma Prisbrey from a dump. In the 1994 earthquake the village was badly damaged visitors can still effects of it.
8. There is also a place named Bakersfield in California where there is a shoe store made inside a shoe. It was made in the year 1947 it has a 20’ high and 30’ long.
In forward to that there are many more interesting places and things in California. It gives a great feeling while driving in the roads of California as it too open. You can enjoy many beaches in California which gives a great coast for romance and adventure. So visiting the state California is worthy. is a famous holiday directory widely used in Europe, US and UK.

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